A bio is a boring paper grown-ups write about themselves, about the things they did in their lives. You can read our boring bios on the other page if you’d like, but our real bios are the ones right here.



Cosmina Doiciulescu
Founder & President / CEO

Dear children, the moment you meet me, don’t let yourselves be fooled by my grown-up appearance. It’s a trick I’m using to convince other grown-ups that I’m a very boring person myself. The truth is, I am exactly the same age as you. I was born a long time ago, I admit, and I have two kids of my own; but I promise you, my children are a little older than me. In order to convince you of this strange fact, I will ask you to answer these questions:

  • What respectful grown-up would ever run around like mad playing tag? (I do!)

  • What respectful grown-up would hide around the house and then suddenly jump out at the person who’s passing by? (I do!)

  • What respectful grown-up would like to sing at the top of their lungs, even when they don’t know the lyrics of the song? (I do!)

  • What respectful grown-up would make silly faces to one particular person in the crowd when nobody else is watching? (I do!)

Some other things I did in my life and continue to like doing are:

  • I like to talk about how I feel. I love that! When I’m angry, or happy, or sad, or grateful, or confused.

  • I like to hug the people in my family and hold them tight, forever and ever and ever. (Beware: if you’re terribly sweet, I might hug you too)

  • I like to hug my dog all the time.

  • I like to be a good friend, even when my friends are sad. I like to listen to them even if I don’t understand a thing they’re saying, and then I like to tell them kind words, or hug them, or help them find a solution to the situation that upset them.

  • I like to paint. I learn from grown-ups, but I don’t like to copy other paintings.

  • I like to play instruments, even if I haven’t played them before.

  • I like to listen to music and dance. I really, really like to dance.

  • I like to write stories. It’s something I’m still learning from my daughter.

  • I like to play with clay even though nobody can tell what I’m doing.

  • I like to read. One of my favourite writers is Roald Dahl.

  • I like to make up games. All. The. Time. And then I like to play them with my son.

  • I like to learn about stuff I don’t know.

So, in case you like some of the things I do, come join me at ChatterBox Theatre Society! I promise you that—at ChatterBox Theatre—everybody is a pretend grown-up. Just like me.



Stefanie Wei
Board Director & Treasurer

I help take care of the financial aspects of ChatterBox Theatre Society. I love going to museums, theatres, exploring new adventures, and like you all, dreaming that one day I might have super powers.

I want to take you all on this new adventure with ChatterBox, a stage filled with laughter, diversity, and creative energy along with our values and hopes of who we would like to become. Come one, come all! To ChatterBox, a community where each of us get to explore unforgettable theatrical performances produced by kids and for the kids!



Shari Tardif
Board Director

My name is Shari and I take care of children like yourself every day! Together, we roleplay many worldly adventures. My favourite theme is exploring the universe through our pretend rocket ship. Do you like to go on make believe adventures too?

We also get excited when playing many different versions of games like tag, hide-and-seek, ball games, and sports. Parents always tell us to go outside for fresh air, but we don’t really mind because our park time is so much fun! And sometimes we get to go to really cool places like the lake or the Science Center to play all day.

When we need to find our breath with the constant movement from all our activities (let’s face it—a kid’s life can be tiresome at times), we love doing puzzles, crafting masterpieces, and reading books (reading snuggles are the best!). So come along with me and we can explore together with ChatterBox Theatre Society—a place where adventures begin!



Kim Glenn
Board Director

Kim—or as we like to call her, Scubagerl—is our very own underwater adventurer. Kim works in a boring office so you can often find her there daydreaming and planning her next adventure to the ocean. Scubagerl is happiest when she is wearing flippers and is far beneath the sea. There she gets to view all the amazing coral and swim with colourful fish, turtles, stingrays, and, of course, sharks!

Scubagerl is friends with all the creatures that live in the sea. So if you want to learn about any of them or maybe just watch some cool videos, let her know and she will be happy to share her underwater world with you.