Chatterbox Theatre Society

About Chatterbox Theatre


Founded in July 2017, ChatterBox Theatre Society is a charity, non-profit organization, dedicated to delivering a meaningful theatrical experience to young audiences through interaction and humour, teaching children positive values and offering them support in their development stages, building a stronger community by encouraging public interaction and dialogue, and nurturing and promoting our local artists.

Serving South Calgary and Okotoks regions, we focus on values like family, friendship, teamwork, and trust. We lead by example, so we need to be what we want our children to become. More than performers and theatrical staff, we are a family. We welcome the children of our community into our theatre—our home—to be active members of our organization, teaching them positive values and letting them know they belong within our society.


“Art is a necessity, an essential part of our enlightenment process.”
Ken Danby


About the Children’s Theatre & Innovation 


ChatterBox Theatre provides positive and interactive theatrical experiences for children in the community, introducing them to different topics, improving their understanding of the world, and teaching them different skills. Our purpose is not only to create unique and enjoyable productions, but also to teach and help children become better individuals. By introducing them to concepts of feelings and helping them to understand how they influence the world around them, we hope to help them grow into kind members of their families and communities.


Numerous research studies found that children with better emotional regulation capacities are more able to show empathy and provide help to other children.

About Our Artistic Community


ChatterBox Theatre is more than just a theatre. Apart from the education and entertainment of our unique plays, we also offer support for the local artistic community by creating development opportunities for young performers, offering grounds for diversification and improvement. We also help connect the public with emerging artists, offering a part of our space for exhibitions and different annual events.


“Artists are social sensors and transmitters of ideas.”
Natasha Tsakos

About The Local community


In addition to being a theatre and local artist space, ChatterBox Theatre is also a place where families and children can meet, play, and enjoy time together. Our Family Room is open to all the families in the community, and here, children will be able to learn, play, and perform different creative activities. The exhibition area is also included in the Family Room, so artists are able to interact directly with the public. Our Family Room is also the space for several annual events in the local community.


“Community is where I can bring out the depths of my own feelings and know they will be understood.”
Rollo May